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Cnr of Gunn Parade & East Beach Road
Ph+61 (03) 6382 1000; 0455102444
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 East Beach Tourist Park TASMANIA

Low Head Wood Carvings

Low Head Wood Carvings at East Beach Tourist Park

East Beach Tourist Park  -  Low Head Wood Carvings

Kenneth Plumstead

East Beach Tourist Park at Low Head has a unique facade which attracts tens of thousands of visitors per year. The striking Macrocarpa 

wood carvings are the work of Eddie Freeman and where commissioned by the late Kenneth Plumstead, the previous park owner. The carvings are the largest privately owned collection of it's type in Australia. The park is now owned and run by Theresa, Kenneth's wife.

Eddie Freeman

Eddie Freeman at Low Head Tourist Park

I grew up in the timber industry and trained as a professional chainsaw timber faller. I am now self-employed to pursue my ability as a chainsaw carver.

I am self taught, with my first attempt was a small kangaroo carved in hardwood, nearly 30 years ago. My carving evolved from an American magazine introduced to me by my training officer.

My artist talent is recognized by my ability to portray awide variety of sculptures from a simple $30 littleChristmas tree to a complex $4,000 bullock team (all out of one piece of timber), or to a even larger scale of a project like Legerwood’s street scene, around $100,000 depending on how much detail needed and the need for a cherry picker etc.

All my timber is salvaged from local farms. I can see thepotential of the texture and patterns in the grain of the timbers especially with Macrocarpa Pines and Radiata Pines.

Each limb or stump is different, sometimes I can see an eagle in a forky piece or a certain way the bend fell on the ground, I envisage a mermaid swimming etc. The endless possibilities that I can create even amazes me.  I enjoy the challenge of creating something out of waste timber and with the sheer speed and power of the chainsaw is an extra benefit to be able to put my ideas into the block faster.

People find it hard to believe that it is done with a chainsaw until they see it done in front of them.

I thoroughly enjoy receiving feedback not only from the public spectators and other chainsaw carvers but especially from the amazement and joy on the children’s faces. They just come to life and light up.

The Highlight of being a local artist is the broad range of clients that I have and that their tastes differ with each piece is an original and no two pieces are the same.

People don’t have to go to the mainland or overseas to buy quality workmanship.

Some Internet Comments

Lesster: We were driving along the road looking out for the Low Head Lighthouse when we came around a corner and there he was – working on a group of old tree trunks.  It is very exciting to see the old tree trunks ‘naked’ next to the one he was working on.  He had one of those ‘cherry picker’ lifting things and was high up in the air working on the dorsal fin fin of a fish in his sculpture.   

Morey: WOW Eddie’s creations with a chainsaw are just amazing.  We have watched him work at the Royal Hobart Show and photographed lots of his work around Tasmania – but this was the first time we have watched him working ‘in the field’.   - See more at:

Lesster:  Another exciting trip, this time we went up along the Tamar River through George Town and on to Low Head, where we bumped into Eddie Freeman, the Tasmanian Chainsaw Carver responsible for many of the amazing carved wooden pieces around Tasmania.